Corsi Individuali

Il nostro obiettivo è quello di trasmettere competenze acquisite in anni di esperienza nel settore delle riparazioni affinché il corsista sappia riconoscere le problematiche più frequenti e utilizzare al meglio l’attrezzatura da laboratorio

Corso Start da 3 giorni (24 ore)

Questo corso seguirà programmi standard di primo e secondo livello.

  • Introduzione al corso, teoria sulla composizione hardware dei dispositivi e interventi sui guasti più frequenti.
  • Sostituzioni display, digitizer, batterie e periferiche varie Apple e Android.
  • Smontaggio/scollaggio, montaggio/incollaggio di dispositivi smartphone dei modelli più diffusi sia Android che Apple.
  • Tecnica pratica di microsaldatura e dissaldatura con stilo/aria calda, infrarossi.
  • Sostituzioni di microfoni, connettori, lettori sim e altri componenti difettosi con nozioni specifiche sull'utilizzo di prodotti e attrezzature professionali.
  • Diagnosi dei guasti più frequenti con ausilio di strumentazione all'avanguardia.
  • Trattamento ultrasuoni per dispositivi caduti in acqua.
  • Metodo di salvataggio, ripristino e trasferimento dati.

Costo Corso: 990€

Corso di Specializzazione da 3 giorni (24 ore)

Consigliato a coloro che operano già nel settore delle riparazioni smatphone e vorrebbero approfondire alcuni argomenti

  • Lettura di schemi elettrici con software dedicato
  • Diagnosi avanzata.
  • Tecnica reballing microchip, rifacimento Pad.
  • Ricostruzione Piste interrotte e Pad danneggiati, ecc.
  • Estrapolazione dati da telefoni non più funzionanti o danneggiati con tecnica pin out/chip off ecc.
  • Diagnosi dei guasti più frequenti con ausilio di strumentazione all'avanguardia.
  • Tecniche di rigenerazione ed esercitazione pratica, scollaggio vetro, pulizia colla e incollaggio con colla oca o loca mediante l'utilizzo di macchina laminatrice.
  • Front Office: Stime e tempistiche degli interventi, gestione del cliente e tecniche ritiro dispositivi da riparare nel rispetto del trattamento dei dati personali.

Costo Corso: 900€

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Dicono di noi

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Thoughtful review: I took the course at the end of September and only now, after having tested my acquired notions, do I feel ready to release my impressions of the course. I start by saying that Rocco does not follow a teaching logic, and I admit that in some situations I felt almost unable to assimilate all the topics covered, I could not find a logic! a pattern to follow! but nothing is further than my feelings mentioned above !! I assure you that with the passing of the days everything materializes and takes on a meaning, Rocco has never spared himself from granting all his experience and passion, just to reassure future students that the Rocco "Telinsegno" method works. One thing that struck me a lot is his ability to keep me focused throughout the day the topics covered are really many, he gives a lot of space to the laboratory part "a lot of practice" this will guarantee you the safety of safe and professional interventions in your laboratory. In the end the question is !! Do you recommend it? I would say yes with extreme firmness, because basically it was an experience of passion and professionalism. Thanks to Rocco Fabrizio della Fabet
Tiziano Riderelli
The course proposed by Telinsegno has fully exceeded my expectations. Rocco and Emanuele the two teachers are very prepared and available and with them I have significantly improved both the technical part and that of customer management. In the three days we have "touched" many issues that will be very useful if not fundamental for the development of my business. In my opinion, it is recommended both for a refinement of one's technical skills and for newbies, with the ability to touch what is the world of electronics applied to mobile devices. Thank you guys!!
Michael Guastella
Very interesting course, the very competent and patient trainer, a lot of practice and technical knowledge. I state that I did not have great skills in this sector, this course is essential to be able to work independently in the sector, I feel safer even in more complex repairs, the part of customer management is very useful to be able to manage my business in a professional manner. I recommend it to anyone who wants to undertake this type of business. In conclusion, money well spent and course that in just 3 days went beyond my expectations. Highly recommended !!!
Stefano De candido romole
I attended the remote teaching course to increase my knowledge, the individual course was very useful as I learned everything I needed, diagnostics, micro-welding and use of professional boxes and tools, with me I had also brought an iPhone that fell into the water now lost to say of many centers in which I had gone with his professionalism, the tutor Rocco through an advanced diagnostics immediately found the problem and solved it in less than an hour, I recommend the course to all enthusiasts who want do this job professionally ..
Mattia Matulli
I start by saying that the course is worth more than it costs. The factor of doing it in person and individually is priceless, you have the opportunity to fully concentrate and be followed constantly, it is a wonderful course because they not only teach you to repair a phone but also many very important aspects to do this job, all the little things are explained to you and also how to approach customers and how to behave in various situations. I am really very pleased to have chosen this course, it was undoubtedly an excellent investment that will allow me to start a new business and expand the family photography shop. I conclude by saying something very important, the teachers are very good, they explain well, clearly and not at all heavy, they are also very nice and easy-going always ready to answer any of your questions. Absolutely recommended!